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The Motorola CL101I corded / cordless combo product, offers two phones in one! A large display with Caller ID, means you'll always know who is calling with the addition of a cordless handset for more flexibility.

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  • 1 base, expandable up to 4 handsets
  • Base station / handset security
  • Range indoors / outdoors - up to 50m / 300m 1
  • Dialling mode - tone / pulse
  • Page from base to handset
  • Out of range warning
  • Handset power on / off
  • Ability to name handsets
  • Keypad lock
Display & Menu Features
  • 1 line black and white alphanumeric - 14 segments display
  • Date / time standby display
  • Clock / alarm
  • Call timer
Sound / Audio
  • Hands-free speakerphone - on the cordless handset
  • Hands-free dialing and monitoring - on the corded base
  • Base ringer
  • 18 polyphonic ringer melodies
  • Base ringer volume control - 5 levels and off
  • Handset ringer volume control - 5 levels and off
  • Handset receiver volume - 4 levels
  • Keytone on / off
  • 40 number phonebook
  • Caller ID - type I / type II 2
  • 40 entry calls list 2
  • Calls list time / date stamp 2
  • Redial memory - 10 entries
  • Copy calls list entry to phonebook 2
  • Copy redial entry to phonebook
  • Secrecy (microphone mute) - cordless handset
  • Music on Hold function (corded base)
  • Auto-talk
  • Recall / flash
  • Pre-dialling facility
  • Three-way conferencing - only available between cordless handsets and an external caller and when more than 1 cordless handset is registered to the base
  • Call transfer between handsets
  • Intercom between handsets
  • Last number redial length - 32 digits
  • Memory number length - 24 digits
  • PABX access code
  • Energy efficient power supply
  • 2 x Ni-MH battery cells
  • Low battery warning
  • Emergency mode to make calls on the corded base without AC power
  • Talk time and standby time - up to 7hrs / 130hrs 3
  • 1. The unit has a range of up to 300 metres outdoors when there is a clear line of sight between the base and handset. Any obstruction between the base and handset will reduce the range significantly.
  • 2.You must subscribe to your network provider's Caller ID or call waiting service for these features to work.
  • 3. All talk and standby times are approximate and depend on features selected and usage patterns.
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