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Topic: Why can't I make or receive telephone calls?

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This may be due to several factors. Please follow these recommendations in order:

  • First, ensure that you are using the line cord that was supplied with the phone. Your existing line cord may not be suitable.
  • Check that both ends of the supplied line cord are connected securely.
  • Check that the power is on and that you have the power adaptor correctly plugged into a known working mains socket and also to the telephone base unit.
  • If the handset display flashes 'Searching' or 'Base' it indicates that the handset has lost its link to the base. Move the handset closer to the base and if the link is not restored you will need to re-register the handset to the base. Please consult the userguide for your product.
  • Switch the mains power off, wait five seconds and then turn it on again. This will reset your product.
  • If the line cord is not connected to the telephone master socket, try it in this socket. If the problem clears there may be a problem with your internal wiring between the telephone sockets.
  • Remove all other telephone equipment connected to the same line. If the problem clears you may have exceeded the amount of equipment that can be connected. All telephone networks have a REN value allocated to them. The standard allocation for a residential line is four REN and equipment connected to the line should not exceed this value. You can check the total REN connected to your line by adding together the REN value of each piece of telecommunication equipment, it is normally shown underneath the base.
  • If you have a broadband service, ensure you use a broadband filter on all telephone sockets that are in use.
  • Try connecting another known working telephone to the telephone line socket. If you still cannot make or receive calls you should contact your service provider for the line to be checked.
  • Try testing your telephone on a telephone line in a different property (eg a neighbour's line). This will also help verify whether the phone or line is at fault.

If you can make but are not receiving calls then please check the following;

  • Confirm that the ringer is not switched off on either the handset or the base.
  • Check if call divert is activated on the line.

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