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Topic: Why am I receiving interference or noise on my phone?

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This issue may be due to several factors. Please follow these recommendations in order:

• If you have a broadband service, ensure you use a broadband filter on all telephone sockets that are in use.
• If your base line cord is not connected to the telephone master socket, try it in this socket. If the problem clears there may be a problem with your internal wiring between the telephone sockets.
• Try connecting another known working telephone to the telephone line socket. If the problem remains you should contact your telephone service provider for the line to be checked.
• Try testing your telephone on a telephone line in a different property - for example, a neighbour's line. This will also help verify whether the phone or line is at fault.
• The base ideally needs to be placed away from large metal items such as fridge-freezers, microwave ovens, etc.
• The distance between the base and handset is obscured by as few walls as possible.
• The base should be placed away from other electrical/electronic equipment, eg, PCs, TVs, etc.

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